winter 10×10: outfit 4

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We are in the thick of the #winter10x10 now! I’m hosting this wardrobe remix challenge with my girl Lee of Style Bee and we’re using 10 pieces to create 10 outfits over 10 days. Curious? Interested? It’s not too late to join and you can get started in 15 minutes flat — details here.

Now, let’s get down to outfit four!


Like yesterday’s outfit, today’s has the cashmere dress as it’s foundation, but the look itself is completely different. In fact, I feel like a 2017 version of Kathleen Kelly in this outfit.

I’m not going to lie — I adore it.

I was twelve when You’ve Got Mail came out, and I wanted to BE Kathleen Kelly in the worst way. I’d sit in math class and daydream about the future when I could run my own book store, wear turtlenecks and jumpers, and have my own AOL account.

Ah, AOL. It was fun while it lasted.


(New section alert! I’m sharing a little about the weather and my daily activities to give you a better understanding of why I chose this particular outfit today.)

Today actually feels like winter! It’ll be in the 40s, so I’ve got three layers going on — a base layer tee, my cashmere dress, and a swingy sweater on top that I can add or remove as necessary.

We also have a slight chance of rain, but these booties can get wet and be just fine.

Activities? It’s a typical day for me: gym time, working from home with my pup, and running a few errands if needed. This outfit works well on a day like today because:

  • Dog hair brushes right off these faux leather leggings, yay.
  • The whole ensemble is insanely comfortable and warm.
  • Yet, it’s cute enough to get out and run errands if needed.

Tonight? Well, it may be Friday, but I’m feelin’ a chill night at home, so I’ll probably end up in PJs pretty early.


This is the first piece I’ve gotten from Hackwith Design House, and I’m over the moon about it — the shape, the color, the movement, and especially that it’s made responsibly in Minnesota.

FIT | The fit is boxy and cropped. It’s kind of like a poncho, which is excellent because it can be layered over other sweaters, like I’ve done here.

The beauty of this sweater is in the movement. If you try it on, while looking at yourself straight on in a mirror, you might feel like I felt at first — that it’s too square. But just remember, this sweater is dynamic. The ever-changing drape, the way it moves when you move — it’s like a living piece of art.

MATERIAL | The material is unique, a little fuzzy, and wildly textured as you can see in that last photo. It doesn’t shed, it doesn’t pill, but it is getting more texture-y the more I wear it, if that makes sense. As far as how it feels on skin, I might compare it to wearing a fine merino wool — a little itchy but not too bad. Usually I wear a super soft base layer underneath.

You can find this exact sweater here. Also, in the same color, here’s a tunic sweater with pockets and here’s a slouchy v-neck sweater.


LAYERS FOR WARMTH | Since it’s chilly, I’ve got on a base layer, a cashmere dress, and a swing sweater on top. Safe to say, I’m nice and toasty.

TURTLENECK + COWL NECK | Have you ever tried layering a turtleneck with a cowl neck? I hadn’t, but it works, plus it adds even more warmth.

ROLLED CUFFS | Nothing groundbreaking here, but I gave my sweater sleeves a couple little rolls. Just a little finishing touch.

FITTED ON BOTTOM + VOLUME ON TOP | This is one of my favorite proportions. See the contrast? The leggings and the dress are fitted on bottom, highlighting the legs, while the swing sweater gives volume on top.

• • •

And there you have it!

I’d love to hear from you: When it comes to the #winter10x10, do you have any questions for me so far? Want to see anything specific covered in my IG Stories or in these 10×10 blog posts? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer ’em.

And, by now you know the drill — you can see this outfit in real life later today on my IG Stories (I’m @caroline_joy). And hop on over to Lee’s blog + Instagram to see her outfit post + IG Stories today too. (She’s @leevosburgh).

Have an excellent weekend, friends. I’ll see you Monday for outfit five — half way there! 🙂


• • •

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