Wonderful Hus. Ett by Torsten Ottesjö

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One of the things that impressed me when I have visited Sweden was the amount of fish that was consumed. If you take into account the geographic position of Sweden this thing becomes understandable. It is a country which has access to the North Sea so one of the important occupations of the people is catching fish or working on boats.One of their favorite fish is herring.

The common thing that relates Hus. Ett and a herring is the shape of the fish. Hus. Ett is a wonderful Swedish woodland micro house designed by Torsten Ottesjö which takes the shape of a herring. Its exterior shape looks exactly as a fish in movement and the wooden roof imitates perfectly its skin.

Its interior space is narrow but there many elements which create a bright and full of light atmosphere like the floor- to- ceiling window panes that exist at both edges of the house or the wood interior finishes.

Although you might think that it is a space not too comfortable the author of this creation will contradict you. He was inspired by automobile and started from the idea that some people love their car more than their house, so the conclusion was that people feel more comfortable and more attracted to the spaces that seem closer to their size than those which are huge.

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