YouTubers Apps: 20 Best Android & iPhone Apps for YouTubers

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In the earlier guide, I discussed many different apps for bloggers. But now it’s time to know some YouTubers apps that can help you grow fast.

You already know YouTube is one of the most powerful video platforms around.

It provides you with the ability to watch videos, upload videos, and also earn money as well.

Uploading a video is simple but the work behind scenes is hard.

So as a YouTuber, you surely want something that can take some load off. And this could be done by using these YouTubers’ apps.

In this guide, I will be introducing you to a list containing the 20 best YouTubers apps that you should install on your smartphone.

So without much ado, let’s get started…

20 Best Apps for YouTubers

  1. Google AdSense
  2. YouTube creator studio 
  3. PicsArt
  4.  Animated Text – Text Animation Maker
  5. Du Screen Recorder
  6. YouTube Gaming
  7.  CANVA
  8. Fotor Photo Editor – Photo Collage & Photo Effects
  9. Pixlr
  10. TAG YOU
  11.  Tag For YouTube
  12. kinemaster
  13. Power Director
  14. Splice – Video editor & maker
  15. FilmoraGo
  16. Reddit
  17. Facebook
  18. Quora
  19. Pinterest
  20. Instagram
  21. LinkedIn
  22. TUBE Buddy


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Let’s discuss each of these

General Android Apps For YouTubers

I’m fond of these apps and you may already know about these apps. In case, if you don’t know, here it is…

#0. Google AdSense

Either you are a blogger or YouTuber you all know about AdSense.

If you are a full-time YouTuber, AdSense could be your life-blood. So it’s important to keep on tracking what’s going on inside the roof.

This app helps you show the key data regarding AdSense earnings.

It includes earning data from top ad units, channels, countries, and more. With this, you can keep a watchful eye on CPC, eCPM, and page RPM.

Rating: – 3.8/5




#1. YouTuber creator studio (YCS)

Even though you might be using the desktop version of YCS, but as I told you in my previous article that a smartphone can give you easy access.

YCS is one of the first that you should take advantage of.

With this app, it’s become easier to manage your YouTube channel. You can get traffic stats, live stats, comments, and even monitor video performance.

You don’t need to log in to your desktop version to respond to comments. This app allows you to respond to comment right from your smartphone.

Moreover, you can update your thumbnail image, monetization settings, and schedule dates.

YCS is available on Android and iOS as well.

Rating: – 4.2/5



2. PicsArt

PicsArt is considered the #1 photo editor app available. With this, you can create amazing stickers, funny memes, and edit pictures for free.

There is no doubt, it could be one of the best YouTubers apps around. And why not, you can even create funny memes to add to your videos.

You can grow your Instagram profile by showing off your awesome editing skills.

However, you can use most of the features for free, but there are more advanced features that you can add as you upgrade to PicsArt Gold.

Being a YouTuber, you can create custom stickers, edit your thumbnail, and also create YouTube channel art.

Rating:  – 4.6/5



3. Animated Text – Text Animation Maker

With over 1M downloads, this app is powerful enough to make the animation of any text.

It can help YouTubers to create a free intro to their YouTube channel.

That alone offers you 20 text animation styles that you can add to your text.

Unfortunately, this app is not available on iOS. If you are an iPhone user then try the “Type-Art: Moving Text Videos” app instead.

End results may be different but it can give you a good YouTube channel intro.



4. Du Screen Recorder

With so many screen recorders to choose from, you may find yourself gravitating towards the DU screen recorder.

This one is the most popular among YouTubers who make screen recording videos.

With this recorder, you can choose the video resolution, video quality video orientation, and more.

You can enable the notification bar to start recording overrunning the apps or any game.

This is not the end, you can also go live, edit video, merge video & images, and convert videos into GIF.

You can even transfer video files using WIFI to your PC, edit images and also stitch images.

Rating: 4.3/5



5. YouTube Gaming

As a Google product, this app is a good choice to get in touch with gaming.

With YouTube gaming, you can enjoy watching live streaming of your favorite gameplay. 

You can watch videos from more than 25,000 games. Additionally, you can start chatting with gamers while watching the stream.

Rating: – 4.1/5



Video Thumbnail Maker Apps

Thumbnail is the first thing that goes to the user’s feed and encourages/discourage them to click through.

In fact, the thumbnail can grow your CTR up to 150% (According QuickSprout).

If your thumbnail is clean and attractive, viewers are more likely to click on your video.

It can help you make your video stand out from the top 10 results.

That’s why you should care about the thumbnail.


Below are some android apps for YouTubers that help you create thumbnails right from your SmartPhone.

6. Canva

I’ve discussed CANVA many times on my blog and here is why: it’s one of the best android apps for YouTubers and bloggers.

It plays a vital role when it comes to creating stunning infographics and images.

Since CANVA could be used for all graphics purposes, you can use it to create a beautiful thumbnail for YouTube videos too.

The cool thing about CANVA is “Free”. CANVA gives you a ton of features for absolutely free and it makes CNAVA unique.

There are other products similar to CANVA like PitKoChart. But these have no access to the mobile application.

Rating: – 4.8/5



5. Fotor Photo Editor – Photo Collage & Photo Effects

Fotor is the place to start when you want to monetize your photography.

An enthusiastic photographer can get exposure and also be rewarded with events.

As it’s a photo editor app, you can create attractive thumbnails right from your mobile phone.

It adds photo effects and filters on a daily basis that allow you to include a number of styles in your photo edits.

Rating: – 4.3/ 5



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6. Pixlr

Similar to Fotor, Pixlr is also a good choice for YouTubers or bloggers to create professional thumbnails and featured images.

With this, you can add over 2M combinations of free effects and filters to your photography.

Besides that, it allows you to add coloring, blurring effects and help you make your edit looks 10 times better than before.

One more thing is that you can share your edits directly on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Rating: – 4.2/ 5



YouTuber Tags Generator

Do you want to boost your YouTube channel fast?

Haven’t you tried “YouTube Tags” yet?

One reason not to use tags is ‘autosuggestions’.

Yes, you don’t have enough suggestions to add as tags. But here I have some YouTubers apps that can help you suggest suitable TAGs for your videos.

Tags are some sort of keywords that help YouTube algorithms to understand the category of your video content.

In general, tags are relative words that help you improve search visibility, and resulting in you get more video traffic for free.

I strongly recommend you use these apps to add tags to your videos.


Do you want to increase YouTube Subscribers and views, then you are going to love VIDIQ; a simple YouTube SEO tool that can help you find the best SEO techniques including finding keywords, tags, and more.




With over 500k+ downloads “TAG YOU” become the most popular Tag suggestion app among the YouTubers.

It generates TAGs on behalf of your focus keyword.

With TAG YOU, you can optimize your video for SEO that helps you bring more views, subscribers, and engagements.

Rating: – 4.5/5

  | Not available on iOS

8. Tag For YouTube

“Tag for YouTuber” is another simple app that allows you to copy TAGs from other’s videos.

All you have to do is type in the video URL from where you want to copy Tags and paste that URL in the search bar.

Within a few seconds, it shows you all the TAGs which you can copy and paste into your video. But remember you don’t copy all tags from a single video.

Rating: – 3.5/5

| Not available on iOS


Video Editing Software For YouTubers


9. Kinemaster

Foremost YouTubers app that allows YouTubers to do a lot of editing right from the smartphone.

Especially useful for those who have no access to a PC / laptop.

Even if you are not a YouTuber, you can still use KIMEMASTER to create your video infographics for your blog post.

I’m personally using it. It has a ton of features including keyframing, masking, and special effects.

A few more features you can find: –

  • Chroma key
  • Masking
  • Colouring
  • Adding background, filters, music, and more.
  • Layer effects
  • Add Text
  • Transitions
  • Split / Trim
  • Rotate video
  • Crop
  • Custom soundtrack
  • You can add or remove the voice from the video
  • Export edited video in full HD 1080p

The list is kept ongoing. All you have to do is add a media file to the empty project and start editing your video.

Once you’ve done editing, go and click on the share icon as seen on the right-hand side of the screen. Now click ‘Save the file to your media’ and select video quality and resolution.

Within a few minutes, your media file is ready.

Rating: – 4.9/5



Do you want to increase YouTube Subscribers and views, then you are going to love VIDIQ; a simple YouTube SEO tool that can help you find the best SEO techniques including finding keywords, tags, and more.



10. Power Director

Power Director is not different than KINEMASTER. It could be another choice for YouTubers.

Let’s talk a little more about its features:  –

  • Split/trim the videos
  • Slow-motion
  • Reverse video play
  • 4k movie production
  • Crop videos
  • Edit background with Chroma key
  • Video editor effects
  • Layer effects
  • Audio customizer
  • Rotate video

Rating: – 4.9/5

| Not available on iOS


11. Splice – Video editor & maker

Although KINEMASTER is available on both Android and iOS, you can try Splice video editor on your iPhone.

It includes all the features that you could find on KINEMASTER. For example, changing the background color, rotating video, transitions, filters, and more.

Additionally, you can adjust the playback speed to see the slow-motion of your video.

Unfortunately, the splice is not available on Android.

Rating: – 4/5


12. FilmoraGo

Similar to other video editing apps, FilmoraGo allows you to add soundtracks, transitions, special effects, reverse video playback, and more.

Well, it all depends on what you’re trying to edit. It could be a short funny video clip or maybe a photo.

Apart from that, you can add sensational movie effects, insert animated text, and make your video stand out by adding motion graphics.

You can trim, slow/fast, duplicate, rotate, and mute the video clip.

The only downside is the ‘watermark’. Not just FilmoraGo, all video editor apps mentioned above place their watermark.

But you can get rid of it. For that, either pay for a premium package or find the crack version somewhere available on the web.

Rating: – 3/5



YouTubers Apps  To Share Videos

Sharing your videos to the right platform could bring more views and help you to grow fast.

Thankfully, there many social media apps where you can share your videos to get MASSIVE traction.

Let’s discuss some of the most popular platforms: –

13. Reddit

Are you confident that your video is getting full exposure to the audience?

I’ll say, no…

Publishing your video on YouTube won’t bring you potential traffic. If you want potential exposure, go with a different platform like REDDIT.

It has a purely different audience. You can find genuine viewers and convert them to your subscribers.

All you need is ‘selecting a SUB-REDDIT’ similar to your video content and BOOM!

But before that, earn some trust. You need to follow the reddiquettes written by SUB-REDDITORS in order to get some comments and post karma.

Once you get recognition, you are welcome to share your videos.

Don’t break the rules otherwise, your participation for that particular SUB-REDDIT is suspended.

Reddit is all about ___ “add value and get the value”. As you add value, Redditors will start valuing you.

14. Facebook

When it comes to growing your business, you never underestimate the power of Facebook.

Not just YouTube, Facebook has also enabled video monetization that encourages more creators to create a Facebook page.

It’s not only helping you earn extra money but also bringing you more subscribers and followers.

Besides that, you can join Facebook groups and pages to get massive traffic to your videos.


15. Quora

Quora is another one of the best android apps for YouTubers and bloggers. It’s a question-answer app where people ask questions and get the possible solutions.

If you’re curious to know about something, just place your question. You’ll get a definite solution within 1-2 days.

On the other hand, if you know the solution to any question, you can write your answer. Additionally, you can add your video URL and drive them to your channel.

With this, you can indirectly drive traffic to your video, and if viewers like your content they will be your next subscribers.

16. Pinterest

Whenever you want visuals, I always suggest you go with Pinterest. In addition, to share blog links, you can also share the YouTube video link to it.

It doesn’t matter whether you use the desktop or mobile application, both have access to all features.

You may get maximum pins if your thumbnail is advanced. And this may lead to massive traffic to your YouTube channel.

You can even upload a custom infographic for superior results.

17. Instagram

It’s the most popular product introduced by Facebook.

Although you can’t share videos longer than 1 minute, you can make announcements. Popular YouTubers use Instagram to provide the latest updates like upcoming videos, stories, and more.

You can share short video clips to let your viewers know that a new video is published.

Apart from that, you can also build a massive community that can help you grow fast.

18. LinkedIn

Do you want to reach out to the professionals in your business?  Why don’t use LinkedIn?

It’s a place where you can find people around your business and collaborate with them.

Remember, LinkedIn is just for professionals.

If you’re a funny YouTube creator then stay away from LinkedIn. It won’t work for you.

But if you publish video content about product services, blogging, SEO, business, marketing, lead generation, etc… then you’re welcome.

YouTube Apps For SEO Optimization


19. TUBE Buddy

A very powerful Video SEO tool is now available on Mobile.

It’s the world’s most popular browser extension that allows you to optimize your videos for SEO and help you improve video rankings.

You can collect essential data from Tube buddy and measure the video performance thoroughly.

If you’re still wondering what you can do with TUBE-Buddy, consider the following…

  • Keyword research
  • It suggests you best tags that improve your search visibility
  • Comment control: You have full control over comments. With this, you can moderate comments, add canned responses to reply to similar comments.
  • You can track video topics
  • You can keep a watchful eye on Engagement and SEO stats.
  • Live subscriber count

Rating: – 3.5/5



Alternative – YouTube SEO tool – VIDIQ – try it!


Any creative YouTuber needs to have these apps in order to grow its channel fast.

You can’t spend much time on your PC, that’s why you need these YouTubers apps to utilize your idle time.

No doubt, the smartphone helps you entertain but it also allows you to do work even when you are on winter vacations.

So it’s all up to you how you use your mobile phone. This way, you can devote idle time to work.

With these apps, you can create thumbnails, add filters, optimize videos for SEO, and promote videos easily.

One more thing I’m going to share is that your video is by you but it’s not for you. So always add value to the user’s time, then only you’ll earn some value.

I hope you would love this guide if so then share it on social media platforms.

What other YouTubers apps do you use? Leave a comment below…

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